Rights of persons with disability in the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine

The proposed publication provides the overview of the situation of persons with disability who live in the ATO area or are internally displaced. Based on outlining the international human right and humanitarian law standards to the extent of protecting persons with disabilities during the state of emergency or martial law, armed conflicts, terroristic acts, emergencies and/or the threat of their occurrence, the national legislation is analyzed for compliance to the international standards.

The report contains comments from children and adults with disability about the problems of evacuation form the warfare area, integration in to safe territorial communities, observance of the rights of IDPs with disability. The study findings are summarized in the recommendations which, once implemented, will demonstrate the fulfi llment of Ukraine’s international commitments.

«Rights of persons with disability in the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine». Analytical report of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.

Authors: Larysa Baida, Pavlo Zhdan, Bohdan Moisa, Yevheniia Pavlova, Myroslava Statkevych

Overall edition by Arkadiy Bushchenko.

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. — Kyiv, ………., 2016. — … p.


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