Report on implementation of the Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy of UHHRU in 2017

Since 2016, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) is implementing the Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy, in order to observe the principles of gender mainstreaming in organizational work and at one’s workplace (e.g. hiring, relations at work, wages, composition of decision-making bodies, etc.), as well as to implement specific programs and projects. For this, UHHRU’s Gender Advisor prepares an annual Action Plan on the Policy’s realization, monitors its implementation and prepares reports.

Action Plan for 2017 had been aimed at the observance of gender equality and balance, promotion of gender-sensitive practices, prevention of gender- or age-based based discrimination, etc. Thus, in the course of the year, UHHRU’s top management received consultations on gender aspects as well as the specifics of their integration into the projects being currently implemented and present activities; trainings on gender issues were organized for the Union’s partners; and various awareness raising campaigns were conducted.

Full publication in English may be found here

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