Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union resumes its cooperation with the authorities

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union informs that according to its Board's decision of February 27, 2014 the Union resumes its cooperation with state authorities and local self-governments in Ukraine.

Taking into account political changes that happened in Ukraine, the UHHRU believes that it is important to use its resources and capacity to promote the establishment of a democratic and fair political system in Ukraine based on the respect to individual dignity and human rights. We continue to be a neutral, nonpartisan organization and our main priorities are to strengthen respect to human rights and the rule of law, and to protect citizens from any actions of the government that may put these values under threat​​.

It will be recalled that in early December 2013 the UHHRU announced the withdrawal of its representatives from the Constitutional Assembly of Ukraine and other advisory bodies because of brutal actions that had been performed by the government against its own citizens, which closed the door on any kind of cooperation with state authorities.

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