Members of the Union

Human rights organizations which are members of the Union

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union was created on 1 April 2004 , and is made up of 25 civic human rights organizations. The Union is a non-profit making and non-political organization.

Human rights organizations which are members of the Union:

  1. The Konotop Society of Consumers and Taxpayers ”Dignity”, Konotop, Sumy Oblast
  2. The Association ”Civic Initiative”, Kirovohrad
  3. The Civic Organization ”M’ART” [Youth Alternative], Chernihiv
  4. The Sumy City Association “Civic Office “Pravozakhyst” [”Human rights protection”]
  5. Luhansk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine
  6. The Odessa Human Rights Group ”Veritas”
  7. The All-Ukrainian Society of Political Prisoners and Victims of Repression
  8. The Civic Committee for the Protection of Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties, Luhansk, now reside in Vyshhorod, Kyiv oblast
  9. The Congress of National Communities of Ukraine
  10. The Sevastopol’ Human Rights Group
  11. The Centre for Legal and Political Research ”SIM”, Lviv
  12. The Kherson regional organization of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine
  13. The Kherson City Association of Journalists “Pivden” (“South”)
  14. The Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group
  15. The Chernihiv Civic Committee for the Protection of Human Rights
  16. Chortkiv NGO “Helsinki Initiative-XXI”
  17. Legal Analytics and Strategies Institute, Kharkiv
  18. NGO “The Committee for monitoring freedom of press in Crimea”
  19. Odessa Oblast’ Organization of All-Ukrainian NGO ”Committee of Voters of Ukraine”
  20. Children’s ecological public organization “Flora”
  21. NGO ”Territory of Success”
  22. Chortkiv Civil Organization Environmental Humanitarian Association “Green World”
  23. Kherson regional charity and health foundation
  24. Eastern-Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives
  25. Khmelnyntsky Oblast’ NGO “Podil legal League”
  26. The Chuhuiv Human Rights Protection Group, the Town of Chuhuiv, Kharkiv Oblast
  27. The “Sich” Human Rights Protection Group, Dnipropetrovsk
  28. Volyn Oblast Civic Organisation ”The Center of Legal Aid” – the Town of Kovel, Volyn Oblast

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