68% of prosecutions against Ukraine were won by lawyers who practised law in Human Rights Institutions

According to the judge of the European Court, Hanna Yudkivska, 90% of applications from Ukraine are considered unacceptable and are not reviewed in the European Court of Human Rights. This is while Ukraine is one of the leaders in the number of applications.


How a month contract can turn out to be years of serving in ATO

10 soldiers of ATO appealed to Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union for help. Last year on July Military registration and enlistment office signed a contract for military service in Armed Forces of Ukraine for one month. But they still arent dismissed from ATO area.


UHHRU: prosecution of lawyers for their critical rhetoric casts doubt on the ability of the Bar of Ukraine to accomplish its tasks

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union expresses concern regarding the attempts of the responsible executives of the National Bar Association of Ukraine to bring the director of the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Provision Andriy Vyshnevskyi to disciplinary responsibility for expressing his viewpoint regarding the situation in the Bar.


Announcement of the lawyer Andriy Vyshnevskyi on his disciplinary case investigation

First of all I would like to give my hearty thanks to respectable lawyers, public organizations, commissioner for human rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and to everyone, who supported my viewpoint and was outraged by the events unfolding around my last month public statement.


UHHRU Briefer #9 for June 2015, USAID Human Rights in Action Program

We would like to offer you the Briefer#9 of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union for June 2015 issued within USAID Human Rights in Action Program.


Human rights activists have inspected checkpoints and points of documents reception and processing for permit issue in the ATO zone (REPORTS - updated)

Let us bring to your attention the analytical report on the results of UHHRU monitoring visit to border crossing points and points of documents reception and processing for passes issue in the ATO zone.


Human Rights Organisations Call on Deputies to Ensure Implementation of European Court Decisions

Ukraine is the European champion by the number of complaints filed with the European Court of Human Rights. The main reason for such an enormous number is non-implementation or improper implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights at the national level.


Lustration in Ukraine: Political Cleansing or a Tool of Revenge?

History is in the making in Ukraine. Since December 2013 Ukraine lived through a revolution, occupation of a part of its territory, anti-terrorist military campaign, economic turmoil and a socio-political crisis. The government of Ukraine assumes that corrupt and disloyal political elites are to be at least partially blamed for the situation in this Eastern European state. According to the authorities some of those who were instrumental supporters of the previous non-democratic regime are still occupying certain positions in the countrys administration.
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Open appeal of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union regarding the creation of a Public Council attached to the Interior Ministry

On Sunday 27 January 2013 a general meeting was held to form a Public Council attached to the Interior Ministry. This resulted in twenty five of the 35 representatives of civic institutions allowed to the meeting, among them a member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union being elected.


Human rights organizations speak out on sentencing of Yulia Tymoshenko

Human rights organizations have on many occasions expressed concern regarding the political grounds for the criminal prosecution of former government officials. On 11 October the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv issued its verdict against Yulia Tymoshenko, sentencing her to seven years imprisonment over the signing of gas accords with Russia.


On Flagrant Violation of Freedom of Expression in Kharkiv

On 13 September 2011 three Kharkiv TV companies ATN, Fora and ATVC were simultaneously removed from air. All three are engaged in independent journalist activities and regularly broadcast criticism of the local authorities and various State bodies. The simultaneous silencing under various pretexts of these three TV companies makes it impossible to doubt the political commissioning of the move.
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