Annual report 2013

One of the main principles of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is transparency and openness. Every year we publish a report describing what we have achieved, what difficulties we have faced and what we have done to overcome them, as well as how we help people and, of course, by what means he organization exists. Here is the organizationís report for the previous year.


Human Rights Activists Check Allegations of the National Guard Shooting "DNR"ís Casualties

The main purpose of the visit was to check the information about the Ukrainian National Guard soldiers allegedly shooting the wounded fighters of the self-proclaimed Peopleís Republic of Donetsk, as well as about the shelling of a hospital during the military action in Krasny Lyman.


Russia will stand trial in the European Court for kidnapping hostages in Slovyansk

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) appealed to the European Court of Human Rights on the occasion of the abduction and torture of hostages by mercenaries in Slovyansk. The organization hopes that the court will establish the involvement of militarists of the Russian Federation in the kidnapping, the government of which will be obliged to pay the compensation to victims.


Maternity benefit for children up to 3 years old is officially cancelled

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has received the letter from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with explanation for interruption of pay-out of the maternity benefit for child up to the age of three years since July 1, 2014.


An appeal from the representatives of the Ukrainian human rights organizations to the UN Human Rights Council Member States

We, the representatives of Ukrainian human rights organizations, appeal to the foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine with a request to account for the position of the civil society regarding human rights situation in Ukraine when considering and adopting the resolution on Ukraine by the UN Human Rights Council.


Human right activists: before The Hague Tribunal Yanukovych must stand together with Putin

Ukrainian case of beating protesters from 21th of November 2013 till 22th of February 2014 has good prospects in the International Criminal Court (ICC). This was stated by representatives of the ICC founding organization, the International Federation for Human Rights*.


How to get money from the government, which was awarded by the European Court of Justice

In this article is indicated which documents and where it must be submitted to get the compensation awarded by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).


The United Nations urged Ukraine to struggle with the crisis, not with the social guarantees

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights called on the Ukrainian officials to fight with the crisis without reducing social protection for disadvantaged Ukrainians. This is stated in the conclusive recommendations of the Committee.
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Open appeal of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union regarding the creation of a Public Council attached to the Interior Ministry

On Sunday 27 January 2013 a general meeting was held to form a Public Council attached to the Interior Ministry. This resulted in twenty five of the 35 representatives of civic institutions allowed to the meeting, among them a member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union being elected.


Human rights organizations speak out on sentencing of Yulia Tymoshenko

Human rights organizations have on many occasions expressed concern regarding the political grounds for the criminal prosecution of former government officials. On 11 October the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv issued its verdict against Yulia Tymoshenko, sentencing her to seven years imprisonment over the signing of gas accords with Russia.


On Flagrant Violation of Freedom of Expression in Kharkiv

On 13 September 2011 three Kharkiv TV companies Ė ATN, Fora and ATVC Ė were simultaneously removed from air. All three are engaged in independent journalist activities and regularly broadcast criticism of the local authorities and various State bodies. The simultaneous silencing under various pretexts of these three TV companies makes it impossible to doubt the political commissioning of the move.
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