Main Trends in human rights aria 2014 (VIDEO engl)

Main Trends in human rights aria 2014 (VIDEO engl)



UHHRU Briefer #3 (Dec 2014), USAID Human Rights in Action Program

We would like to offer you the Briefer#3 of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union for November-December 2014 issued within Human Rights in Action Program supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


Is It Worth to Unite to Protect the Employment Rights?

One could speak a lot on the injustice in the field of employment rights, dependence upon senior management, low salaries, illegal dismissals, however unfortunately until people unite and gain powerful remedies for their rights nothing will change.


Gratuitous Legal Aid: New Realities and Challenges of Time

In Ukraine military men in the area of ATO, their families and migrants are in need of legal aid. The representatives of volunteer movements in border areas, including Regions of Kherson, Odesa and Chernihiv, told about the issues on which the above mentioned population categories apply to lawyers of counselling offices of public organizations most often.


What Innovations Will meet Ukrainians When Crossing the Administrative Border with Autonomous Republic of Crimea?

A month ago the defenders announced a range of high profile cases of Ukrainian border guards’ unlawful activities at the administrative border with the Crimea. The matter concerned the facts of demanding explanations as for “why a citizen of Ukraine wants to move across Ukraine”, destroying passports etc. The State Border Service made notice of the representatives of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and initiated the creation of an allied platform for resolving these issues.


Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Reported Major Trend of Human Rights Violation in Ukraine during 2014

Human rights defenders state that Crimea occupation by Russian troops, artificially maintained separatist movements in the East gradually turned into armed aggression, and full-scale military conflict with Russian Federation in Regions of Donetsk and Lugansk have put the human rights problems to the backstage.


Human Rights Activists: Creation of the Ministry of Information Policy Officially Introduced Censorship

On December 2, 2014 a new threat of creation of the Ministry of Information Policy was added to the traditional threats to human rights, which the Ukrainian community continues to face in these difficult times of challenges associated with the hostilities in the Eastern Ukraine and occupation of Crimea by Russia. Formally declared motive of its creation is to protect the Ukrainian information space of Russian propaganda and to fight an information war in the other states, but in reality, this ministry has to become an institutionalized body of state control over the freedom of speech, an official censor, which aims to set standards of media and to monitor compliance with these standards.


Human Rights Activists: Non-fulfilment of the Court Judgments in Ukraine has Become a National Tradition

Statistics shows that 95% judgments of the European Court and about 70% judgments of domestic courts are not satisfied in Ukraine. This means that the right of Ukrainians to a fair trial is permanently violated. Especially if the state is a debtor. Among the reasons for such a situation the human rights activists call: a moratorium on the sale of state enterprises’ assets, the lack of proper control over the execution of the court judgments and the lack of effective judicial protection of property rights.


Human Rights Activists Asked the President to Extend the Period of Preparation of the National Strategy on Human Rights (appeal is opened for signature)

The human rights community hopefully accepted your initiative on development of the National Strategy on Human Rights as defined by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 811/2014 as of October 15, 2014.
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Open appeal of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union regarding the creation of a Public Council attached to the Interior Ministry

On Sunday 27 January 2013 a general meeting was held to form a Public Council attached to the Interior Ministry. This resulted in twenty five of the 35 representatives of civic institutions allowed to the meeting, among them a member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union being elected.


Human rights organizations speak out on sentencing of Yulia Tymoshenko

Human rights organizations have on many occasions expressed concern regarding the political grounds for the criminal prosecution of former government officials. On 11 October the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv issued its verdict against Yulia Tymoshenko, sentencing her to seven years imprisonment over the signing of gas accords with Russia.


On Flagrant Violation of Freedom of Expression in Kharkiv

On 13 September 2011 three Kharkiv TV companies – ATN, Fora and ATVC – were simultaneously removed from air. All three are engaged in independent journalist activities and regularly broadcast criticism of the local authorities and various State bodies. The simultaneous silencing under various pretexts of these three TV companies makes it impossible to doubt the political commissioning of the move.
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