The European Court Commenced the Trial in the Case of Violent Abduction and Murder of People in Donbas

In this case, an issue of responsibility of Russia for separatists’ acts in the ATO area is raised for the first time. The case integrates 5 cases containing, in particular, complaints regarding freedom from torture, illegal capture and infringement of the right to life.

Mykhaylo Tarakhkalo, the Director of the Strategic Litigations Fund of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, stated that in case of victory at the ECHR the fact of responsibility of Russia for the acts of the separatists of the so-called LNR and DNR would be recognized. It will be the first decision of the independent international authority recognizing the exercise by Russia of control over the territory of Donbas and extension of its jurisdiction over this territory.

In case of affirmation of infringement Russia will be obliged to pay substantial compensation to the applicants in this case.

The case is supported by the Strategic Litigations Fund of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. 

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